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Recycled music #1



What am I listening to today

I have been pulling out old albums lately and recycling them. Wow there is some good stuff here I almost forgot about! Recycled or new…here’s what’s hot right now :)

Avril Lavigne: Let go

Addicting Song(s):

– Tomorrow

– Things I’ll never say

– Naked

David Gray: White Ladder

Addicting Song(s):

– This years love

Liz Phair: Liz Phair

Addicting Song(s):

– Why can’t I?

Ashlee Simpson: Autobiography

Addicting Song(s):

– Autobiography

Kina: Kina

Addicting Song(s):

– Girl from the gutter

Switchfoot: The Beautiful Letdown

Addicting Song(s):

– Dare you to move

Tamara Bedricky: Through these eyes

Addicting Song(s):

– Head over heels

– Beautiful

– Let me in

– Addicted

– Blue

Note: I love this album!! I can’t pull it out of my CD player for more then a week without putting it back in.

I’m sure one day I’ll hear a song that doesn’t stretch out it’s hand as my soul reaches out to shake in a memorable moment of “hello”. Until then, I’m content.

– me

Turkey Day has come



Turkey Day has gone

It’s been a little bit since I got a chance to write, not that anyone is crying about it! :) I finished a few more books last week and over the weekend. I have been taking “The Art of War” and the Matrix Philosophy books slower then normal…each is like a collection of essays and rather then read an essay and move on I find that the book carries much more weight when I just limit myself to one essay a day. It’s like a philosophy about philosophy! Ahhh I crack myself up!

This year thanksgiving was a great time for my family…but I can’t help but marvel how the years go by. My niece starts high school next year for crying out loud! For me, every year when Fall classes start or when Halloween rolls around it feels like the year is almost over! I mean it is, but it really feels like it blows by fast. Before I know it, my birthday is here. Then thanksgiving…then it’s December already! Christmas shopping leads to high stress and fast days because Christmas always sneaks up on you (well it sneaks up on me!); I don’t care if the date is always the same!! :) then it’s New Year’s Eve…

To make time fly by even faster hit up this “slogan” site…wow, trust me you can spend an hour there and not know what the hell happened to the time! Try using your name or your favorite word. Randomly the word “depression” was used and I got this slogan: What Can Depression Do For You? That might be a classic!

More random rants to come, I just need to finish some odds-n-ends and I’ll be a posting mad man again.

Happiness depends upon ourselves.

– Aristotle