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Another good blog

Pull My Blog

This site deserves it’s own post because it’s a great design…in my eyes. Unfortuntely I am not a designer so my eyes might suck. :)

Why do I think it’s good? Because the concept is exactly what I want for my blog I am just too lazy to take it to that level at the moment and too cheep to pay to host it some place. However, when I stop being cheep and start getting real {gross: MTV Pun/Rip} this will closely mirror my design. I love the fact there is a current postings listing on the first page, however, there is classifications or subjects for each type. So music is music and movies is movies and random nonsense is well, random nonsense.

Cheers for a well done design and a good blog at that!

– bd

“The best ideas are common property.”

– Seneca

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