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Recycled music #1



What am I listening to today

I have been pulling out old albums lately and recycling them. Wow there is some good stuff here I almost forgot about! Recycled or new…here’s what’s hot right now :)

Avril Lavigne: Let go

Addicting Song(s):

– Tomorrow

– Things I’ll never say

– Naked

David Gray: White Ladder

Addicting Song(s):

– This years love

Liz Phair: Liz Phair

Addicting Song(s):

– Why can’t I?

Ashlee Simpson: Autobiography

Addicting Song(s):

– Autobiography

Kina: Kina

Addicting Song(s):

– Girl from the gutter

Switchfoot: The Beautiful Letdown

Addicting Song(s):

– Dare you to move

Tamara Bedricky: Through these eyes

Addicting Song(s):

– Head over heels

– Beautiful

– Let me in

– Addicted

– Blue

Note: I love this album!! I can’t pull it out of my CD player for more then a week without putting it back in.

I’m sure one day I’ll hear a song that doesn’t stretch out it’s hand as my soul reaches out to shake in a memorable moment of “hello”. Until then, I’m content.

– me

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