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People are interesting at times



Other times they are crazy.

I overheard a mother scolding her child today and she used the ever-so-famous phrase “I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it.” I guess I never thought a parent would say that to their child; I felt it was more of a joke then anything else. The additional humor here? The Child was around 24 years old.

People say and do such interesting things in the heat of a moment. We let our emotions rule us; better that: we choose to let our emotions rule us. How is it that in one moment a person will feel like they want to hurt someone, yet they don’t? A different person might follow-through with that “hurt” – be it physical or mental, regardless they follow-though. It’s all about choice. You can chose to be in control or you can chose to lose control. It’s the fact we opt to lose control to ourselves that starts the psychotheorists and psychoanalysts spinning their wheels.

If is all boils down to a choice, why are their not self-help books for making choices? Maybe there are and I just haven’t spent enough time in the self-help section….but you hear more about self-esteem and self-confidence then anything else…what about self-choice? Maybe there isn’t a section on that because you have to choose to buy the book…and then you have to choose to read it. I won’t dabble in the parts where you have to choose to have faith in the book or something else – that’s a different day.

Choice. Issues that will plague us in the future and more then likely the Matrix fans around the world. I know, right now you are saying “What the f**k?!? Where did that comment about the Matrix come from?” Well what was the Matrix trilogy really about when you scrape away a second rate love story? Choice. Watch the movies again and take in the philosophy and the discussions about choice. The Merovingian believes that choice is nothing…he believes in “causality” [cause and effect theory] – he is one of those people that believes he has control over his choices. The movie furthers upon choice when the dilemma facing Neo (or the common man) is not the issue of what choice to make…but it’s about our inner quarrel over what choices we have already made.

Even if you had all the knowledge in the world, it wouldn’t matter – because you still have to make a choice with what you want to do with it….and you would have to deal with that choice you made for the rest of your life.

That’s why I think people are crazy sometimes.

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