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Another cold!

So I have a cold again, go figure. I had one two weeks ago that lasted just a few days…so I thought I could stop taking the medicine. Well it looks like I wasn’t over it yet and I got sick again – AWESOME! Or the fact I was around a crapload of people might have had something to do with it. Riiiiiight… Anyway I tried this new (new to me that is) stuff called “Airborne” two weeks ago and I felt like a million bucks in a few days. I am trying that out again, but I am further along in the “oh shit I am sick” process then that medicine is good for.

The weekend is here…

If I am lucky I’ll plow through a few books and get some laundry done, aren’t you excited? I am. If I am really lucky I’ll feel better and don a costume! After all Halloween is my favorite holiday…why? Hello…!! You get a TON of candy and I love candy…Bottle Caps [Wonka brand] are the damn best candy ever!! You can dress up as anything you want (within public acceptance…and even that is negotiable). The kicker? You get to carve pumpkins! Okay so I get a little excited about wheedling a knife and cutting something up…call me crazy.

Well after this little pep talk of a post, it’s time to head home…

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.”

– Benjamin Disraeli