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100 Things about me



1. I was born the same year Star Wars IV came out

2. I have an older brother

3. I have an older sister

4. When I was little I wanted to “be the guy that makes buildings”

5. Later I said construction worker

6. Later still I wanted to be an architect

7. When I was in high school I switched to mechanical engineering

8. In college I switched to computers

9. All because someone did something to my computer on a network and I was hooked

10. I graduated when I was 17…

11. Not because I was smart, but because I started school early

12. I always made friends with girls quicker then guys

13. In college I had more guy friends then girl friends

14. Growing up I was not a fan of reading books…

15. Now I read an average of 4 books a month

16. When I was little I wanted to know why things were and how things worked

17. As I got older I always wanted to know “Why?”

18. I tend to be secretive with my life

19. I used to think I wanted to be in the CIA…be a spook

20. Now I just dream about it

21. I like sailing…

22. Rock climbing

23. Camping / Hiking

24. Bicycling

25. Tree climbing

26. I went to Miami University – in Ohio

27. I have over 400 CDs that I purchased

28. I have over ___ CDs that I didn’t (I plead the 5th!)

29. I love almost all music

30. I hate country music

31. I have a watch fetish

32. I have a time fetish…all my clocks have to be accurate within seconds

33. I am rarely on time

34. I love organizing and reorganizing

35. Sometimes everything I have is disorganized

36. I dream big

37. My imagination runs away with wild ideas

38. I have 9 computers

39. …they are all in my bedroom

40. I went to Community College and got an Associates degree in Science

41. I like Asian art

42. I enjoy Eastern thought and philosophy

43. I used to draw decent

44. …now my stick figures look like I was blindfolded when drawing them

45. I print vs cursive

46. I wear glasses

47. I didn’t wear jeans for 5 or 6 years

48. I wore kaki pants for 5 or 6 years

49. I love French cuff shirts

50. …if I could afford it, every shirt I own would be French Cuff

51. I like dark colors

52. My favorite color is indigo

53. My Nicknames are: “J” “Just” “Just”

54. I LOVE graph paper

55. I am particular about my pens, they have to write and feel a certain way

56. I love cartoons

57. I still watch cartoons

58. I like business cards

59. I made my own business cards and handed them out instead of my real ones

60. I want to learn to speak Japanese

61. I spend more then I earn

62. I earn less then I want to spend

63. I’m not a church go-er

64. I went to Sunday school for 14 years (no lie)

65. I like dark and creepy art

66. I like dark and creepy music

67. I like flowery and cheesy art too

68. I used to work as a light jockey at night for a club

69. …that was one of my favorite jobs ever

70. I saw Wesley Snipes spin reggae one night after-hours

71. Who hasn’t tried this number before? (haha)

72. I like to consider that crime does pay sometimes

73. …then I talk myself out of it because I know I would get caught

74. I used to make my own report cards in middle school

75. …and in high school

76. I used to print my own progress reports as well

77. …I used to make those and report cards for my friends

78. I was held back in 9th grade math because I wouldn’t do my homework even thought I said I knew the material

79. …I went to summer school against the consoler’s recommendation

80. …I almost got an A

81. I almost didn’t graduate high school because I didn’t have enough English credits

82. …I got a D in my last English class; so I passed and graduated

83. …I got strait A’s in college in every English course I took

84. …and never less then a B on my papers in all of my classes

85. I graduated with good grades and an associates degree in science

86. I got kicked out of the next college I went to

87. …bad grades

88. I snuck into Oakland University and took classes for 3 years

89. …I got booted there too for bad grades

90. …the catch was my grades there were fine, but they didn’t know about Miami

91. I still have 8 classes left for my Bachelor’s degree

92. I have worked for 12 years in an office within my career path

93. I tend to ramble…and often

94. I can fall asleep in a car with ease

95. I love New York City!

96. I like reading inspirational quotes

97. One of my “theme songs” is by Neil Young: Searching for a Heart Of Gold

98. I am Armenian

99. I have to think of just one more thing

100. I hope I can save someone’s life one day

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