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Blogs of note #13



Worth a mention, good for a laugh

TGIF…it’s a “feature” day at BD@BS!! Last week I missed (again-again-again) and you thought I would sleep on the job today too. It’s okay you can say “yes”. Well have no fear for Feature Friday is here! Ahhhh yea, whatever…on with the sideshow!

the ninth circle – Humor and life, who wouldn’t read it? You should. Cynical? Yes, at times. Snippits-o-life? Yes! Crazy accents?! YES! Note: crazy accents are always a bonus for any blog. It’s best done with a stereotypical comment like [redneck American] Yee Haw! I can’t wait to do me some huntin’!! [end comment] Yea you know you like it.

Corporate Peon – Possible previous link, but still good to mention. A good site about someone you know, because you are that person too…well sorta. About Kate: “I’m a corporate lackey, slowly trying to climb my way up the ladder to the old white men above the glass ceiling. They keep kicking the ladder away. Bastards.” See!?! It’s kinda like you.

The Terminal Philosopher – Closed down and on hiatus; but worth going back and looking over past entries. Spend an afternoon looking over some funny rants and mockings of films.

zen and the art of driving – “Tsunami”: “I’m a guy in my early 20’s trying to figure out what to do with my life… I’m not a good writer by any means but even bad writers need an outlet, right?” –I think we all think that of ourselves at times. Snippiets of life…and all the good stuff in between.

Pink Is The New Blog – This has been linked on almost every one of my daily reads…it was about time I made some remake about the site isn’t it? Everything you say and you want to say along with pictures…about what? Celebrities!! Cheers and enjoy the Pink!

Blogs of note #12



Worth a mention, good for a laugh

TGIF…it’s a “feature” day at BD@BS!! Last week I missed (again), but you were all sleeping through your Friday afternoon and never looked back. See, installing cameras into all of your homes paid off! I have a few friends blogs to plug today and some new to my bookmarks…on with the sideshow!

crazying up the bottle – MooCow’s return from hiatus brings just as many laughs; but it’s better. Why? Because I and everyone else behind me says so. Clicky click click your little butt over there.

Life, Grad School, and Everything In Between – Laura’s heartfelt comments about her life as a grad student. working for a University…”when all she really wants is to be Audrey Hepburn.”

Where does the time go when it’s not around here? – Ah yes, Lisa writes her little heart out in a fun, upbeat and silly words for all to read. It’s hard to not wonder what she’s doing next, but you can find out by visiting her almost daily updated blog. (hint hint…keep going back)

the origin of shoeism – MaryJanes (a.k.a. Thérèse) has her blog reborn, just as good only if you talk about bacon she’ll beat you with the sole of an old shoe. Read her lucid day-dreamy blogs about her days and fun little conversations she has with her friends…we all have them, but she blogs them.

These Eyes Hold Pain – Are you “obsessed without a clue”? She is. Deep thoughts from the places we don’t all like to talk about; but we all have moments we get lost down there. Hearing from the gut spilled words will remind you it’s okay to hurt…because sometimes you have to hurt to feel the good. She isn’t really crazy (shh…just go along with it).

Cooking with Amy – Not sure what to eat tonight? Feeling adventurous in the kitchen? Check out what Amy is cooking tonight! Hints on how to cook with certain ingredients, recipes, food news, restaurant reviews, book reviews and some historical background about ingredients. WARNING: you might get hungry just looking at the pictures of some wonderful dishes.

The Casual Friday – Did you see this on the Blogger(tm) link listing? Brian gives you a “top 10 list” from the hilights of his day. Maybe a little too blunt for some, but fun to read example “Unsuccessfully attempted to break my all-time record for consecutive hours sitting on the couch” – you know you want to see what he was up to today.

Naked Drinking Coffee – I have a weird sense of humor at times and I need a little something different then the fluffy humor I usually follow. NDC is the place to be for that. Raw, funny, slanderous, scandalous and chalk full of things you wish you were saying…but you don’t.

…and not to pull your halo down – Hofzinser sketches with words and asks good questions along the way. Step-by-step guides for life as a guy…with links to other sites that have step-by-step guides for girls. Why what kind of guides you ask? You’ll have to click the link and read away to find out…otherwise I would spoil it.

Blogs of note #11



Worth a mention, good for a laugh

TGIF…it’s a “feature” day at BD@BS!! Last week I missed, but the week before was a good list. Let’s see if we can get some good laughs in today…on with the sideshow!

book lust – I think this was on my list once, but I don’t mind it showing up a second time. Snippets of life from a young women thirsting [lusting] after books.

the last nail – I found this site long ago via Blogger’s suggested sites. It needs to be updated, but I am pretty sure the pictures alone will make you laugh. Follow along as the author tells stories of renovating his house.

courier blues – Flip through the images as a courier in Miami drives around and takes pictures of his delivery runs.

Library Man – After checking out a lot of his pics on Flickr I started flipping through his blog and reading about his adventures in the life of a librarian.

Clown Basics – Not a blog, but if you forget the basics of being a clown…the animations will walk you through your day.

Blogs of note #10



Worth a mention, good for a laugh

TGIF…it’s a “feature” day at BD@BS!! Last week was a good list, but some this week were hard not to post about the day I read them…on with the sideshow!

Postsecret – Postcards sent anonymously to the blog author; scanned and posted on Sundays. I found this site early this week and wanted to save it for today, but it was tough. This is one of the most touching, funny, dark and overall emotional blogs I have found. A few friends of mine said “it just makes me wish I could give some of those people a hug” … “so honest and things I wish I could say”. If you have time: grab something to drink, relax, close your door and try to read each one.

Pantyraider – “food, drink, monkeys, and beats from the dairy air of mondovi, wisconsin, the streets of minneapolis, and the sands of bondi beach, australia” — snippets of life, but some awesome humor tossed in the mix.

What I learned today – Really neat to me I think just because it’s like participating in someone’s life. Funny to serious…stuff that the author learns each day.

Diary of a psycho soccer mom – We all know soccer moms are crazy, she just openly admits it and tells a tale of her days. Very personal, very cool.

Bunny Suicides – Not really a blog, but it has enough pictures to tell a story that is so damn funny you have to see it!

Blogs of note #9



Worth a mention, good for a laugh

TGIF…it’s a “feature” day at BD@BS!! It’s been a little while, so let’s catch up with a nice little list shall we? …on with the sideshow!

Greek Tragedy – I thought I mentioned this one before…Stephine Klien writes a-la Sex and The City’s Carrie if you will. Not a bad glimpse into the life of a twenty something girl that talk about some of her adventures in bed as if she was a poetic male. I’m not dissing it; I read it. She has multiple books and tv deals as well. Real life is more interesting then screen plays ;)

Greetings from the Lobby – Absolute hilarity. Not cheeky by definition, but what you think cheeky means…you can find it here. Egghead and Popeye give it two thumbs up and a forearm the size of my head; that means it’s good folks.

Jerk Of All Trades – You’re kidding right? You haven’t heard of this guy yet? Description: “Master of one. Sarcasm. I have this Blog to vent the extra pressure. So’s what my head don’t ‘splode!” – read it…now.

Love me or blow me, either way – Is the title not enough to get you to click the link I have to tell you something? Right, that’s what I thought. NEXT!

She-Dork – I like dorks and this girl is a self-proclaimed dork. Cheers *clink* [that was the sound of glasses, as in optical glasses, clinking] Candid and humorous…my latest favorite title of a posting “Time Flies When You’re Full Of Phlegm”.

Styrofoam Kitty – Snippets of life, but funny ass comments about life. Spending the entire day watching SeLab 2021? Nothing says Pimp like cartoons.

Everst Post 2005: Reporting on Gavin Bate’s solo climb for Moving Mountains – This is a journal for Gavin Bate’s solo Everest bid; in aid of Moving Mountains children’s charity…Pics, Audio and postings sent back from the top of the Earth! Donation information and charity information located at the site.

Why was daddy kissing that man in the park? – The title made me laugh and I clicked the link on some random blog months ago. I don’t check it often, but when I do I laugh. Example post from yesterday “i hate hanging out with satanists cause i never know what to say when one of them sneezes.”

What should I cook tonight? – This could be a repeat as well…what’s it about, well let’s post his description! “A young man’s neverending struggle to decide what to cook each night. Join me as I wrestle with my inner food demons – creativity or frozen food and does rice taste better salted? Join the campaign to replace that cockney tw*t Jamie Oliver as the face of Sainsbury’s with someone altogether more appealing – me!” – come on, you know you have boring eating habits and now want to know if his are at least an ounce more interesting. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you.

Blogs of note #8



Worth a mention, good for a laugh

TGIF…it’s a “feature” day at BD@BS!! Some of these are the first blogs I read; some are new. How profound! Soooo…on with the sideshow!

Catch The Bullet: where anything goes – Came across this one a few times on link exchangers and I thought the design and content were good.
Bad News Blonde – Some language might not float with some people…but what do I care?
Breakup Babe – One of my first reads, right along with many of the “girl perspective” sites I read. I am so learning about the female psyche…you have no idea. (riiiiight)
All Things Dunkin’ Donuts – This might be a repeat…did I ever talk about this? I LOVE IT!