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Scorpio – InfoSpace

This didn’t work so well for me today. Instead of sending a 4000 page job to the copy shop we’re trying to print it in-house…using every printer in the office. Two printers are broke down, and we are running out of time. Of course, we could still take it to the copy shop and get it printed in the same amount of time it will take for us to print it here…but no one wants to listen to me.

I would say I’m not too persuasive today.

“One of your many specialties is the delicate art of persuasion. You can talk just about anyone into just about anything — the only prerequisite is that they’re still breathing. So now, when you’re feeling the need to communicate something important to someone equally as important, there’s really no way for you to fail. Unless, of course, they leave the vicinity — or can hold their breath for a very long time.”
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio – InfoSpace

Random question #13



Dog pee

Why can’t my roommate…

  • keep the rags in a bucket…that he used to clean up dog pee -instead of the bathroom sink?
  • wash the rags he used to clean up dog pee…within 2 days -instead of 2 weeks?
  • vacuum the carpet after using baking soda carpet fresh to soak up extra dog pee…within 2 days -instead of 4 weeks?
  • pay more attention to his dog…so it won’t pee on the floor -every 2 days?

In other news #52



I was tagged by Sereena X

Which accent is music to your ears?
British…hello there Martine McCutcheon
Favorite noir book or movie:
Dark City maybe…I donno, I have to think about it.
An argument you refuse to get involved in:
“Republican or Democrat?”
Three fruits you like:
Do my friends count? Blackberries, pineapple and pear.
Your favorite ambient setting:
Your motto:
“You gotta wanna”
The perfect song:
Heart of Gold -Neil Young

Confession Wednesday #36



I drink soda

Soda. Pop. Whatever you call it, I drink it. I had cut out pop (as I call it) almost completely, even when going to the bar. I only drank it on a rare occasion and always caffeine free (Sprite, 7-Up, etc). I switched to water, milk and juice.

I switched back late last year and I have trouble switching back to water. Whenever I get food I get pop now. It’s terrible. I can’t resist the temptation of sweet carbonated beverages.

At lunch today I had a 32oz Dr. Pepper…it was so good. I want to stop at the store and get a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper on the way home.

Damn it.

Random question #12




Why do I have to always refill the soap in the bathroom at work? I seriously cannot blog about it again…it’s getting ridiculous. Will someone at my office please refil the soap so I don’t have to…for the love of all things holy.

Concert Review #11



The Vamps and Lez Zeppelin

Lez Zeppelin @ Magic Bag [Ferndale, MI]
Girls show Detroit how to rock

Artist Name: Lez Zeppelin