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Scorpio – InfoSpace

This didn’t work so well for me today. Instead of sending a 4000 page job to the copy shop we’re trying to print it in-house…using every printer in the office. Two printers are broke down, and we are running out of time. Of course, we could still take it to the copy shop and get it printed in the same amount of time it will take for us to print it here…but no one wants to listen to me.

I would say I’m not too persuasive today.

“One of your many specialties is the delicate art of persuasion. You can talk just about anyone into just about anything — the only prerequisite is that they’re still breathing. So now, when you’re feeling the need to communicate something important to someone equally as important, there’s really no way for you to fail. Unless, of course, they leave the vicinity — or can hold their breath for a very long time.”
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio – InfoSpace