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Where have I been



Sitting here

Actually I have been studying for classes and working a bit much. Put my blog on hold…not that anyone cares :) Actually, they say you should just keep going with a blog rather then apologize, but I like to rant and babble so if I didn’t have three or four sentences of filler in my posts you would be offended…I mean why else would you visit?

So when I sit at home and read…this is my little spot of “zen”

Yes yes, that is my bed on the left of the picture. *sigh* I have a loft and no it is not a dorm room and yes I am over 25!! Sheesh. It’s a full size bed and it’s lofted, it gives me a nice sleeping area that is also in it’s own little spot. No, it doesn’t cause a problem when someone spends the night…but that’s to discuss another time. :)

Books books books…if you have been reading for awhile or looked at my book listing, you know I have been reading like crazy the past year (year and a half, but who’s counting). Behind the magic bamboo curtain you’ll see…tada! Books, loads of them.

More pics soon to come…I just bought a digital camera so that means I have more to blog-n-show about. :) On the horizon: Tamara Bedricky meet-n-greet and concert tonight! Saturday it’s Star Wars Episode III and Sunday…6th row tickets for Michael Buble!! You know I’ll have pictures to share for that one.

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