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Been working so hard



Kick off your Sunday shoes

Footloose. I have no transition here…um…yea so I’ve been working (been workin’ so hard) actually I’ve been a lazy bum when I have been coming home from work. You knew that already. I just back posted a few items and I have a few to clean up; when you type on a PDA [Personal Digital Assistant] you have a little clean up to do. That’s my new gig too…

I have been taking off to type up my blog at some place relaxing or even the last coffee-shop-concert I went to. I have to say for those of you struggling to blog at times, try taking a notebook that’s you “ofline blog” to write in. You’ll find you have a lot to talk about that you never knew you wanted to talk about.

For the loyal (or casual) readers, you know I have a fetish for music, watches and pens. Some weird twist in my brain finds inspiration in all three; seeing that I owe some pics of my latest additions to the collection!

My new “girlfriend” inspires me to write, draw, create…think…feel a different way. Is that materialistic? Maybe. I don’t care. What’s wrong with finding your muse? Mine just happens to be a Mont Blanc Starwalker…

I love music…and I can never make up my damn mind what I want to listen to. I get crabby because I left this CD or that CD. Now I can take some of my CDs with me in a nice small package. Yes, I have caved in to my cravings…and iPod: U2 Edition.

My new “girlfriend” doesn’t get jealous of the iPod because I still see the iPod as just an iPod…it contains random inspirational material; but it does not inspire me. I’m sure there are times the “girlfriend” gets a little jealous; but at the end of the day she knows she’s the important one.

So for now, they get along…

While one is in the shadow of the other, they are still both clearly important to me. Yes gag, barf, puke, yell…hate me. I know it was such a lame allusion to the fact that part of the picture is out of focus, but you can still see the “girlfriend” in the reflection of the iPod…like one is a reflection of the other…PUNS GALORE I know. I like puns and this is my blog…so pun if you want to. Pun around the world…

“I decided that it was not wisdom that enabled [poets] to write their poetry, but a kind of instinct or inspiration, such as you find in seers and prophets who deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in the least what they mean.”
– Socrates

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