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Movie Review #1




What a great warm-fuzzy type of movie. So last night I watched this movie with a few friends and I was amused that one of my friends had labeled it as a “chick flick”…oOOooo no, this is a good old fashion family movie my friend. Between the lies, cheating, sex, stripping, yelling and swearing you would never know it was rated R.

The plot? Think bizarre love “square” [nix triangle] meets pathological liars anonymous. I recall many movies, friends relationships…and hell even my relationships where each scene connects well with some personal memory pocket. If you have ever been cheated on or cheated on someone, you’ll feel that same lump in your stomach or guilt…or maybe you’ll feel nothing…that you felt when it happened to you. Natalie Portman plays along side Jude Law for the young and puppy-love type of relationship while Julia Roberts and Clide Owenhave a twisted sexual funny-meeting type of relationship.

One of my favorite scenes is when Clide Owen is confronting Julia Roberts about sleeping with Jude Law and he says something to the effect [NOTE: this is a wee bit graphic]:

Clide: Did you like his c**k in your mouth!?
Julia: Yes!
C: Did you like it when he c**e on your face!?
J: Yes!
C: What did he taste like!?
J: Only you but sweater!!
C: Now that’s the spirit!

Are you kidding me!?!? AWESOME. I know it’s raw and raunchy, but I loved it. There are many scenes in the movie on par with that moment, so it might not be for the easily offended.

Amidst all this sarcasm I truly did enjoy the film and I know I’ll be buying the DVD.

I can’t recall (nor find) if I have done a movie review before; where I titled it “Movie Review”…so this is numero uno! On with the new category!
– bd

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