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Concert Review #3



Tamara Bedricky

So I am watching TB [Tamara Bedricky] right now at Oakland University in a little-coffee-house-type-thing they have at the student center. It’s my first time back to OU [Oakland University] since they remodeled the student center…it’s pretty pimp! When I get a camera (next toy purchase) I’ll take some pics and post them. The show tonight is a “storytellers” type of show…anyone ever watch VH1: Storytellers? Basically you have a band or artist play a small concert venue (a la coffee house or small stage scene) and in between songs they tell you about themselves, the songs, tours, albums…it’s story-time and they are the storyteller. That style of show is one of my favorite styles of shows; you get to see a little more into people who write the music you love. Just like art, it’s always nice to know what the song is really about; rather then what you think it’s about!

I missed the first song or two, but I just walked in and grabbed a seat in the corner so I can type away without anyone noticing the nerd typing away on his PDA. :) She just finished “Head over heels” and started giving a little insight into her song “still in my veins”…”it’s not a total rip off from John Mayer…” she starts out…his song was about losing someone and hers is really about a relationship that was not going to work out -the catch? She wrote it before it ended knowing that it was going to end, so it might be a bad thing if the guy knew that.

Other then singing this was the most words I have heard her speak so I got a kick out of her jokes and how personal she was with the crowd. She laughed about how a lot of her songs focus on being in love and it’s kinda funny singing them now when she is not in love anymore. At one point she started playing and bumped the mic with her mouth stopped and told a quick story about how she chipped her tooth on a mic at one show out of state.

That was the lead into “beautiful”. Every person I have gone to see Tamara with, from the first time I saw her open for Josh Kelley to a show last month: loves this song. If I loaned them a CD, they love this song. Which is probably why it was also chosen to be played on TV – Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Girl [112:Kristin M.:Wedding Episode] played the song in it’s entirety. The version she played was redone from Cd version…and I am pretty sure it was the same as Magic Bag version I saw last month. Love it!

Next “tell me why”…for her good friend James, a good friend for life. Brief comments about James and their long talks…leading into “Coming clean” with a little different guitar solo that had a cooler fast type sound – bonus!

Then comes the work in progress song that when finished I think could top “beautiful”. Some of the lyrics:

“I want to taste it on your lips…I feel like we connected…got me thinking of you…its too bad it didn’t work out..”

The first cover song I have heard her play, “Linger” and it was pretty good! There were a few jokes about remembering the words, but from what I remember (and that was high school days) she was damn close. Some die-hard fans knew her for playing it, requested it…since it was at OU (where she went to school) with OU fans…why not?

A few more tracks (see track listing) played and then it was time for the last song, “so am I”. A personal song and “a get through it type of song” per Tamara. Give you the “hang tough” motivation. This past year was her toughest year for her personally and the last song she wrote for her album.

She’s playing again in two weeks at the Motor City Music Conference; I’ve got my fingers crossed I’ll hear my favorite song there or at least get to hear the work in progress song again…

Track list:
[45 min – 60 min]
left the track list in my notebook
– bd

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