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Scorpio – InfoSpace

Well it looks like a 180 [meaning: it’s “turned around” thus 180 degrees would be completely turning around to the opposite direction…right, you knew that] from the last one I posted…this one actually makes sense!

I thought it would be a good idea to tear my room apart -a yearly event- and reorganize. I come so close to getting it just how I want, but one little thing will still tick me off. This time I decided to go big. So far, I am happy…but it still looks like a few bombs went off and there was an explosion of CDs, computers and clothes. It needs a little work but I should be done soon. Hell I might even get crazy and post pictures! After all it is a freaking palace…right, large box equals a palace in my world.

“You’re ready to focus on more practical things now — like your home. Of course, that can mean one of several things. You may want to do an entire makeover of a room, for example, from the ground floor up. But you may also be thinking about moving. Either way, you’ll be happy to pull out all the stops and do it up big. Don’t stop yourself. It’s time to make changes, both inside and out.”
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio – InfoSpace

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