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In other news #11



I’ve been gambling

I had Friday off last week and I spent it with my parents…at the casino! Who needs to go to church on Good Friday when you can go the the “other” church: the casino. After all there are a few prayers said, you are kinda donating to someone and if you lose your butt you could have to go on a pilgrimage to find food…money. Okay, maybe you’ll just be more thankful. Whatever! Anyway…you sorta have a religious experience.

I ended up losing a few dollars here and there; nothing to complain about. I was there for 13 hours; 9 of which I was playing poker. Can you say “addict”? Good! I am addicted to poker like noooo tomorrow. A have a few friends that play and there are about 3 house games a week I can play in on a regular basis. So far in house games I am up $5 so I can’t complain. As for the casino I am out a little more then $5…okay a little more then $50. :) I’ll have an actual story to tell after I go again this weekend. Last weekend’s story wasn’t too exciting. Blah…no really I’m not bitter.

What else?

Well I did pick up my tickets for Michael Buble two weeks ago. Did I get good seats you ask? Yes I did; 6th row center! Woohoo!! Needless to say I am pretty pumped about that.

I think I am going to a few mini-shows for Tamara Bedricky next month. She is playing at Borders then in May she is playing a big show at The Magic Bag (Ferndale, MI)…needless to say my butt will be there! If you have been reading my blog for a bit you know that I love her music and I highly recommend you buy her CD. In fact, I might start charging admission to read my blog; the fee being a prof of purchase from her CD. Okay, that’s overboard…but really check her out. She’s been on tour to random places around the US; usually small shows -but listed on her website. If she’s in your area take a peek. :)

Nothing bad, nothing nutty…just typical life stuff for now.

And now a few random quotes I found on yesterday that I thought were too damn funny.

Weird…when I post the quotes the text gets all messy in my blog. Sooo just go to the link and read at your leisure! :)

Dating Dilemmas: A Article

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