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Scorpio – InfoSpace

Wait, what? Tough times…does that count: being a little hung over this morning, still crabby from work yesterday, realizing you f-ed up something related to a purchase for work, realizing you have to build the largest Erector(TM) set you have ever seen…and you can’t focus today, wishing you were still asleep, working on the wrong project yesterday by accident, sending out an email with date specific data where the data was correct but the date was not, wondering if you forgot to pay a bill? I hope so.

Hopefully no one comes to me today looking for advice or a shoulder to cry on because I SOOOoooo do not have the patience for it today.

“If anyone can deal with tough times, it’s you. So when a dear one mentions a last-minute problem that’s really got them floored, you’ll do for them what you’d do for yourself under similar circumstances: You’ll help them come up with possible solutions, and remind them that the unexpected detour around an obstacle often turns out to be better than the original path itself.”
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio – InfoSpace

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