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Random question #18



The draft

Am I the only one that sees this story as being a little off? Every male in the US at the age of 18 is automatically registered for the draft and it is a punishable offense if you do not inform the Selective Service of a change in address…even though there are no plans to use the draft (riiiiiight). So, since this scary Democrat (ooo scary) is not actually saying he wants to include women -which I assume he does- and he has failed many times in the past to get the draft reinstated…why are we talking about it? The first part of his legislation is already in effect, so who cares? The second part won’t happen that quickly…so everyone has a chance to move to Canada or Mexico. :)

College students sound off on a military draft – “Their comments came Monday as U.S. Rep Charles Rangel — a New York Democrat who’s also the incoming chair of the House Ways and Means Committee — says he will introduce legislation next year that would reinstate the draft and require young Americans to register after turning 18. Rangel sees his idea as a way to deter politicians from launching wars.”

Random question #17




Is it funny or bad…when you spend the time you should be working/cleaning/studying/etc reading articles on how not to procrastinate? Seriously, I spend more time procrastinating trying to figure out how not to procrastinate!

…I’m on article nuber 4 today, and about 10 in the last month.

Random question #16



Bad comments

So you make a joke to a friend that should have been light, but ends up being terrible timing -like open mouth insert foot. You apologize and the friend accepts and says it’s completely okay because there is no way I knew about the situation and they know that if I knew I would have never said anything. I still feel horrid about it. Do I bring it up and apologize again, or do I let it go?

I suck.

Random question #15



Pork Sticks

Who eats the wrinkled teriyaki pork sticks with added smoke flavor that are in our vending machine? Apparently someone spends $0.85 because they keep refilling the stash.


Random question #14




Why is it that my favorite meal of the day, with my favorite foods…I rarely ever partake in? I love breakfast, but I haven’t eaten a meal before work in 6 or 7 years…except maybe once or twice.

I’m hungry.

Random question #13



Dog pee

Why can’t my roommate…

  • keep the rags in a bucket…that he used to clean up dog pee -instead of the bathroom sink?
  • wash the rags he used to clean up dog pee…within 2 days -instead of 2 weeks?
  • vacuum the carpet after using baking soda carpet fresh to soak up extra dog pee…within 2 days -instead of 4 weeks?
  • pay more attention to his dog…so it won’t pee on the floor -every 2 days?